Draft Real Estate Regulation Bill to Bring in Transparency

The bill proposes to strike a balance between encouraging regulated growth and development as well bringing in more accountability in the sector

              In a move that will depress the top line of several leading real estate companies, an upcoming accounting change aims to reduce the discretion available to them on how to compute revenues. The accounting regulator is working on a ‘guidance note’ that will, for the first time, define when and how developers should recognise revenues from a project, say two senior officials of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) working on the note, on the condition of anonymity. The new rules will be a blow to companies that adopt an aggressive tack in recognising revenues, including frontline ones like DLF and Parsvnath Developers. In the case of DLF, for example, the proposed change would have placed in question 75% of the revenues declared by India’s largest developer in 2010-11. For Parsvnath, that figure would be 79%.
              Builders will have to register themselves before launching housing projects, stick to the approved plans and refund money to homebuyers in case they default, after the government brings in a new law aimed at bringing in more accountability and transparency in land and home transactions.

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Beware !!!

If you want to buy any property from Builder / Developer, we will connect you to the Company directly which will provide you all the information. We advise you not to go through Brokers. Brokers will never give you the correct information. They are only interested in their brokerage and you get the property at higher price. Please send us any query in regard to the purchase of any property from particular Builder / Developer. We will advise the Builder's office to contact and provide you all the relevant information about the property you want to buy.
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  • Consult Expert before you intend to purchase any Property/Flat from any Builder / Developer
  • Don't Blindly sign the dotted lines of an application form without reading the fine print including condition apply
  • Must read carefully all the clauses given in the application form
  • Must see that the carpet area and super area have been clearly mentioned in the application
  • Must see that the developer/ Builder has obtained all mandatory clearances from the concerned authorities
  • Must see whether the Title of the Land is clear?
  • Must see the Sanctioned Plan of the Building
  • Must see that Builder/ Developer is a member of the CREDAI and has signed the Code of Conduct on Mission Transparency
  • Must see that the Developer has mentioned the delivery period and the total cost of the property including escalation charges, parking charges andIDC/EDC and any other charges
  • The Interest charged by the Builder / Developer for the Delay payment from your side and also the interest offered by the Builder / Developers for the delay of the project from their side
  • Must check the credibility and performance of the Builder / Developer before you pay any booking amount